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SEM best price for sale
SEM best price for sale

Tungsten Filament Scanning Electron Microscope | SEM3200

CIQTEK SEM3200 is a high-performance tungsten filament scanning electron microscope. It has excellent imaging quality capabilities in both high and low vacuum modes. It also has a large depth of field with a user-friendly interface to enable users to characterize specimens and explore the world of microscopic imaging and analysis.

  • # Mixing Image (SE+BSE)
    Observe the specimen compositional and surface topographic information in one image
  • # Dual Anode (Tetrode)
    Dual anode emission system design provides excellent resolution under low landing energy
  • # *Low Vacuum Mode
    Provide specimen surface morphology information in low vacuum, switchable vacuum state with one click

(*Optional accessories)


Versatile Detectors

The scanning electron microscope (SEM) is used not only for the observation of surface morphology but also for the analysis of the composition of micro-regions on the specimen surface.

CIQTEK SEM3200 has a large specimen chamber with an extensive interface. In addition to supporting conventional Everhart–Thornley detector (ETD), Backscattered-Electron detector (BSE), and Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS/EDX), various interfaces such as Electron Backscatter Diffraction Pattern (EBSD) and Cathodoluminescence (CL) are also reserved.


Backscattered-Electron Detector (BSE)

Comparison of secondary electron imaging and backscattered electron imaging

In the backscattered electron imaging mode, the charge effect is significantly suppressed and more information on the composition of the specimen surface can be observed.


Plating Specimens:

  • #
  • #




Tungsten Steel Alloy Specimens:

  • #
  • #




Four-quadrants Backscattered Electron Detector - Multi-channel Imaging

The detector has a compact design and high sensitivity. With the 4-quadrants design, it is possible to obtain topographic images in different directions as well as composition distribution images without tilting the specimen.



Energy Spectrum

LED small bead energy spectrum analysis results.




Electron Backscatter Diffraction Pattern (EBSD)

The tungsten filament electron microscope with a large beam current fully meets the testing requirements of high-resolution EBSD and can analyze polycrystalline materials such as metals, ceramics, and minerals for crystal orientation and grain size analysis.

The figure shows the EBSD grain map of Ni metal specimen, which can identify grain size and orientation, determine grain boundaries and twins, and make accurate assessments of material organization and structure.


Models SEM3200A SEM3200
Electro-Optical Systems Electron Gun Pre-aligned Medium-sized Hairpin-type Tungsten Filament
Resolution High Vaccum 3 nm @ 30 kV (SE)
4 nm @ 30 kV (BSE)
8 nm @ 3 kV (SE)
*Low Vaccum 3 nm @ 30 kV (SE)
Magnification 1-300,000x (Film)
Acceleration Voltage 0.2 kV ~ 30 kV
Probe Current ≥1.2μA, Real-time display
Imaging Systems Detector Everhart-Thornley Detector (ETD)
*Backscattered electron detector (BSED), *Low vacuum secondary electron detector, *Energy spectrometer EDS, etc.
Image Format TIFF, JPG, BMP, PNG
Vacuum System Vacuum Model High Vacuum Better than 5×10-4 Pa
Low Vacuum 5 ~ 1000 Pa
Control Mode Fully Automated Control
Specimen Chamber Camera Optical Navigation
Monitoring in the Specimen Chamber
Specimen Table Three Axis Automatic Five Axis Automatic
Stage Range X: 120 mm X: 120 mm
Y: 115 mm Y: 115 mm
Z: 50 mm Z: 50 mm
/ R: 360°
/ T: -10° ~ +90°
Software Operating System Windows
Navigations Optical Navigation, Gesture Quick Navigation
Automatic Functions Auto Brightness & Contrast, Auto Focus, Automatic Stigmator
Special Functions

Intelligence Assisted Image Astigmatism Correction

*Large-FOV Image Stitching (Optional) 

Installation Requirements Space L≥ 3000 mm, W ≥ 4000 mm,H ≥ 2300 mm
Temperature 20°C (68°F) ~ 25°C (77°F)
Humidity ≤ 50 %
Power Supply AC 220 V(±10 %), 50 Hz, 2 kVA

> Low Voltage

Carbon material specimens with shallow penetration depth at low voltage. The true topography of the specimen surface can be obtained with rich details.



The electron beam irradiation damage of the hair specimen is reduced at low voltage while the charge effect is eliminated.



Low Vacuum

Filtered fiber tube materials are poorly conductive and charge significantly in high vacuum. In the low vacuum, direct observation of non-conductive specimens can be achieved without coating.



Large Field of View

Biological specimens, using a large field of view observation, can easily obtain the overall morphology details of a ladybug's head, demonstrating cross-scale imaging ability.

  • #
  • #



Specimen Stage Navigation & Anti-collision

Optical Navigation

Click where you want to go and see with easy navigation.

An in-chamber camera is standard and can take HD photos to help locate specimens quickly.

  • #



Quick Gesture Navigation

Quick navigation by double-clicking to move, middle mouse button to drag, and frame to zoom.

Exp: Frame Zoom - to get a large view of the specimen with low magnification navigation, you can quickly frame the specimen area you are interested in, image zooms in automatically to improve efficiency.

  • #
  • #



Stage Anti-collision

A multi-way anti-collision solution:

1. Manually input specimen height: precisely control the distance between the specimen surface and the objective lens.

2. Image recognition and motion capture: monitor the real-time stage movement.

3. *Hardware: shut down the stage motor at the moment of collision.

  • #



Characteristic Functions

Intelligence Assisted Image Astigmatism Correction

Visually display astigmatism within the entire field of view, and quickly adjust to correct by mouse clicking.

  • #
  • #



Auto Focus

One-button focus for fast imaging.

  • #
  • #



Automatic Stigmator

One-click astigmatism deduction to improve work efficiency.

  • #
  • #



Auto Brightness & Contrast

One-click auto brightness & contrast to tune appropriate images' grayscale.

  • #
  • #



Simultaneous Imaging of Multiple Information

The SEM3200 software supports one-click switching between SE and BSE for mixed imaging. Both morphological and compositional information of the specimen can be observed at the same time.



Fast Image Rotation Adjustment

Drag a line and release to rotate the image right on the spot.

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  • #


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