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SEM best price for sale
SEM best price for sale

Tungsten Filament Scanning Electron Microscope | SEM2000

The CIQTEK SEM2000 is a fundamental and versatile analytical tungsten filament scanning electron microscope with 20 kV resolution up to 3.9 nm and support for upgrading to 30 kV, allowing observation of microstructural information of sub-microscale samples.

It has a more extensive range of motion than a desktop/benchtop SEM. It is suitable for rapid screening of samples and has more expansion interfaces for BSED, EDS/EDX, and other accessories to enable a broader range of applications.

  • Resolution
    3.9 nm @ 20 kV
  • Acceleration Voltage
    0.5 ~ 20 kV (30 kV optional)
  • Magnification
    1 ~ 300,000x

Versatile Detectors

High-sensitivity Backscatter Detector

· Multi-channel imaging

The detector has a compact design and high sensitivity. With a 4-segmentation design, there is no need to tilt the sample to obtain shadow images in different directions as well as composition distribution images.



· Comparison of secondary electron (SE) imaging and backscattered electron (BSE) imaging

In the backscattered electron imaging mode, the charge effect is significantly diminished and more information on the composition of the sample surface can be obtained.



Energy Spectrum

Results of surface scan analysis of metal inclusions energy spectrum.




Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD)

The tungsten filament electron microscope with a large beam current fully meets the testing requirements of high-resolution EBSD and is capable of analyzing polycrystalline materials such as metals, ceramics, and minerals for crystal orientation calibration and grain size.

The figure shows the EBSD antipodal map of Ni metal specimen, which can identify grain size and orientation, determine grain boundaries and twins, and make accurate judgments on material organization and structure.


Electro-Optical Systems Electron Gun Pre-aligned medium-sized fork-type tungsten filament

3.9 nm @ 20 kV (SE)

4.5 nm @ 20 kV (BSE)

Magnification 1 x~300,000 x
Acceleration Voltage 0.5 kV ~ 20 kV
Imaging Systems Detector

Secondary Electron Detector (ETD)

*Backscattered electron detector (BSED), *energy spectrometer EDS, etc.

Image Format TIFF, JPG, BMP, PNG
Vacuum System High Vacuum Better than 5×10-4 Pa
Control Mode Fully automated control system
Pumps Mechanical Pump ×1, Molecular Pump ×1
Sample Chamber Camera Optical Navigation
Sample Table Two-axis automatic

X: 100 mm

Y: 100 mm

Software Operating System Windows
Navigations Optical Navigation, Gesture Quick Navigation
Automatic Functions Auto Brightness Contrast, Auto Focus, Automatic Dissipation
Special Functions Intelligent Assisted Dispersion, *Large-Scale Image Stitching (Optional accessories)
Installation Requirements Space L ≥ 3000 mm, W ≥ 4000 mm, H ≥ 2300 mm
Temperature 20°C (68°F) ~ 25°C (77°F)
Humidity ≤ 50 %
Power Supply AC 220 V(±10 %), 50 Hz, 2 kVA



Simple User Interface

Clear and Simple Interface

The features are simple and easy to operate. Even beginners can get started quickly after the quick learning.

Advanced Automation Features

Auto brightness contrast, autofocus, and auto image dispersion are all adjustable with one click.

Extensive Measurement Functions

Photo management, preview, and editing functions with measurement functions such as length, area, roundness, and angle.


Featured Functions

Optical Navigation

Easy to navigate by clicking where you want to see.

Standard optical navigation camera for high-definition sample stage photos and quick sample positioning.




More novice-friendly anti-collision design for maximum protection of sensitive units.


One-Click Imaging

*The software is easy to operate with one-click imaging.



Working Distance

The optimal analysis distance and image distance are two in one to easily experience quality performance.


Simultaneous Imaging of Multiple Information

The software supports one-click switching between SE and BSE for hybrid imaging. Both morphological and compositional information of the sample can be observed at the same time.


Resolution Indicators

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