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FESEM best price for sale
FESEM best price for sale

FESEM Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope | SEM5000

CIQTEK SEM5000 is a field emission scanning electron microscope(FESEM) with high-resolution imaging and analysis ability, supported by abundant functions, benefits from advanced electron optics column design, with high-pressure electron beam tunnel technology (SuperTunnel), low aberration, and non-immersion objective lens, achieves low voltage high-resolution imaging, the magnetic specimen can also be analyzed.

With optical navigation, automated functionalities, carefully designed human-computer interaction user interface, and optimized operation and use process, no matter if you are an expert or not, you can quickly get started and complete high-resolution imaging and analysis work.


• High-resolution imaging at low accelerating voltage.

• Electromagnetic composite objective improves low-voltage resolution and enables magnetic specimen observation.

• High-pressure tunneling technology (SuperTunnel) ensures low voltage resolution.

• The electronic optical path without crossover effectively reduces system aberration and improves resolution.

• Water-cooled constant temperature objective lens, to ensure the stability, reliability, and repeatability of the objective lens work.

• Magnetic deflected six-hole various aperture system, with automatic switchable apertures, no mechanical adjustment needed, achieves high-resolution imaging or large beam analysis mode through a click-away fast switching.


Scanning Electron Microscope applications

Key Parameters Resolution

0.9 nm @ 15 kV, SE

1.3 nm @ 1.0 kV, SE

0.8 nm @ 30 kV, STEM

Acceleration Voltage 0.02 ~ 30 kV
Magnification 1 ~ 2,500,000 x
Electron Gun Type High brightness Schottky Field Emission Electron Gun
Specimen Chamber Vacuum System Fully Automatic Control, Oil-free Vacuum System
Camera Dual Cameras (Optical navigation + chamber monitor)
Stage Range

X: 125 mm, Y: 125 mm, Z: 50 mm

T: -10°~ +90°, R: 360°

(*Optional extra-large chamber version available)

Detectors and Extensions Standard

Inlens SE Detector

Everhart-Thornley Detector (ETD)


Flat Insertion Medium Angle Backscattered Electron Detector

STEM Automatic Retractable Scanning Transmission Electron Detector

Specimen Exchange Loadlock

Fast Beam Blanker

Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS/EDX)

Electron Backscatter Diffraction Pattern (EBSD)

Electron-beam-induced Current (EBIC)

Cathodoluminescence (CL)

In situ Tensile Stage

Nano Manipulator

Large-scale Image Stitching

Trackball & Knob Control Panel

Software Language English
Operating System Windows
Navigation Nav-Cam, Gesture Navigation
Automatic Functions Auto Brightness & Contrast, Auto Focus, Auto Stigmator


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