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Arbitrary Waveform Generator for sale
Arbitrary Waveform Generator for sale
Arbitrary Waveform Generator for sale

Arbitrary Waveform Generator | AWG4100

CIQTEK AWG4100 is a multi-channel arbitrary waveform generator with high performance.

It has four independent channels for waveform output and each channel can provide single-ended waveform output with a sampling rate as high as 1.2 GSa/s and a vertical resolution of 16 bits. Each channel has a maximum storage depth of 512 MSa and it is equipped with flexible user-defined waveform editing function and sequence playing function which can easily satisfy complicated waveform demands under various scenarios.



Support the synchronous operation for multiple devices that expand more channels.



With flexible playing modes to support both independent and combination playing.



Each channel can output Marker signals independently and input Trigger signals independently.



Each channel has a 1.2 GSa/s sampling rate with 330MHz analog bandwidth.



Four-channel independent output.



Maximum output amplitude 5Vpp.



Resolution up to 16 bits.



Support sequential playing of the complicated waveform.


Characteristic Waveform Display


Operating Interface


Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Channels 4
Vertical Resolution 16
Each Channel’s Waveform Storage Depth 512 MSa
Analog Bandwidth 330 MHz
Waveform Granularity 4 Samples
Minimum Waveform Length 8 Samples
Clock Frequency of Sequence Programmer Sampling Rate Divided by 4
Mark Output One Mark/Channel, SMA Connector (front panel)


Waveform Output Channel

Connector Type SMA
Output Impedance 50 Ω
Output Coupling DC
Output Mode Direct Output, Amplifier Output
Output Range

Direct Output: 1 Vpp (into 50 Ω)

Amplifier Output: 5 Vpp (into 50 Ω)

Offset Voltage < 1 mV (into 50 Ω)
Phase Noise < -110 dBc/Hz @100 MHz offset 10 kHz
Voltage Noise < 20 nV/√Hz @100 kHz (1 Vpp)



Trigger Input One Input / Channel, SMA Connector (front panel)
Trigger Input Impedance 50 Ω
Trigger Input Amplitude Range

0 ~ 3.3 V (into 50 Ω)

Adjustment Accuracy: 0.1 mV

Reference Clock Input BNC Connector (back panel)
Reference Clock Input Frequency 10/100 MHz


Time- and Frequency-domain Characteristics

Sampling Rate 1.2 GSa/s
Rise Time (20% to 80%) < 1 ns (± 500 mV)
Skew between Outputs < 150 ps


Connectivity and Others

Host connection LAN / Ethernet, 1 Gbps
Size 258 mm * 291.88 mm * 93 mm
Weight 2.9kg


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