About Us

About Us

Global Developer & Manufacturer of High-precision Scientific Instruments
Global Developer & Manufacturer of High-precision Scientific Instruments

CIQTEK's high-precision instruments help scientists explore materials and physical properties at the microscopic level. 

ClQTEK meets the needs of its customers by providing customized products and complete application solutions in the areas of environmental science, biochemistry, chip semiconductors, and materials science, enabling customers to innovate and increase productivity.

The main business includes Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEMs), Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (Electron Spin Resonance) Spectroscopy, Scanning NV Probe Microscopes, and BET Surface Area & Pore Analyzers.

CIQTEK currently has over 700 employees, including 70% of the R&D team. A total of 12 application centers provide customers with sample testing, experimental comparison, performance evaluation, application direction development, and advanced training on product operation.

How we see the world
Social Responsibility
How we see the world
  • Mission
    Achieve the exploration goals of customers and create the future of humanity together.
  • Vision
    To become a global leader in the application of science and technology and in the scientific instrumentation industry.
  • Values
    Satisfy customer needs, sincere & realistic, open & innovative, aggressive & responsible, simple & sincere, united & cooperative.
Research & Development
Research & Development
Let Us Work Together For Science
  • 150
    Ph.D. and Master's degree staff
  • 400
    R&D team
  • 200
    Patents, software copyrights, Intellectual Property (IP) pending or granted
  • 1000
    Customers Served
Core Technology
Technology and Innovation
  • High-fidelity control technology
    High-fidelity control technology
    CIQTEK Pulse Generators and High Precision Arbitrary Waveform Generators feature 50 picosecond timing accuracy for low noise, high efficiency, and fast coherent control. They can be used for defective spins, ion traps, superconductivity, and other applications.
  • High sensitivity magnetic detection technology
    High sensitivity magnetic detection technology
    CIQTEK has mastered high-sensitivity magnetic detection technology, which enables quantitative and nondestructive magnetic detection with high spatial resolution, a high dynamic range of magnetic field measurement, ultra-high detection sensitivity, and compatibility with various environments such as room temperature atmosphere and low-temperature vacuum, which can be used for various tests. It plays an important role in the field of magnetic measurement with environmental and high index requirements.
  • EPR (ESR) probes techniques
    EPR (ESR) probes techniques
    The EPR (ESR) probe is one of the core components of an EPR (ESR) spectroscopy. Different experimental methods require the selection of probes with different functions. In addition, the probe needs to be combined with variable temperature devices, optical devices, and corner devices to realize various experimental schemes. Currently, CIQTEK offers a wide range of probes with various functions for users to choose from to meet their scientific needs.
  • Microwave transceiver technology
    Microwave transceiver technology
    The microwave transceiver system is one of the core components of EPR (ESR) spectroscopy, which mainly includes microwave transmitter and microwave receiver. After years of technology accumulation, CIQTEK has accumulated rich experience in low-noise wave sources, microwave pulse generation technology, high-power pulse amplification technology, low-noise signal extraction technology, etc., which makes the microwave transceiver system of EPR (ESR) spectroscopy in the industry-leading level.
  • High-precision scanning diamond probe technology
    High-precision scanning diamond probe technology
    The CIQTEK high-precision scanning diamond probe technology provides an innovative measurement method that enables high spatial resolution, high sensitivity magnetic imaging with non-invasive, wide temperature region coverage, and a large magnetic field measurement range. Advantage. In addition to materials science, the technology will also have important applications in disease mechanism research, diagnosis, and treatment based on its rapid and nondestructive detection characteristics.
Our New Application Fields
  • Master the world's leading core technologies
    Master the world's leading core technologies
    With the core goal of long coherent, multi-bit, high-precision manipulation, develop the world's leading precision measurement technology, and related derivative technologies.
  • Focus on high-value scientific instruments as a niche market
    Focus on high-value scientific instruments as a niche market
    Focus on customers, insist on innovation, and develop high-value scientific instrument business.
  • Apply weak magnetic measurement to a wide range of industries
    Apply weak magnetic measurement to a wide range of industries
    Develop a new generation of enhanced sensors based on advanced global core technologies to promote the development of various industries.

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