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X-Band Pulsed EPR Spectroscopy ESR for sale
X-Band Pulsed EPR Spectroscopy ESR for sale

X-Band Pulse EPR Spectrometer | EPR100

CIQTEK X-band pulse electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR or ESR) spectroscopy EPR100 supports both continuous-wave EPR and pulse EPR functions, satisfying general CW EPR experiments while performing T1 /T2 / ESEEM (electron-spin echo envelope modulation) / HYSCORE (hyperfine sublevel correlation) and other pulsed EPR tests, which can achieve higher spectral resolution and reveal ultra-fine interactions between electrons and nuclei, thus providing users with more information about the structure of matter.


*Optionally equipped with a 4-300 K variable temperature device to enable the detection of paramagnetic substances at ultra-low (high) temperatures.

*Accessories: Liquid nitrogen variable temperature with cryostat; Liquid helium variable temperature; 4 mm outer diameter sample tube; Goniometers; Electrolytic cell; Irradiation system; Flat cell.


High Precision Digital Time Delay Pulse Generation Control

The high-precision digital time delay pulse generator with 50 ps time resolution accuracy provides a more accurate timing control function, which can be combined with table or code sequence editing to complete various pulse experiments more efficiently.


Advanced Liquid Helium-free Variable Temperature System

Dry, liquid helium-free cryogenic systems for variable temperature control in experiments, with no liquid helium consumption during use, continuous operation, greater safety, better environmental protection, and lower operating costs.


Support for Upgrading High Frequency

Support for upgrading some modules makes the whole machine upgrade to Q-band, W-band, and other higher frequency band EPR spectroscopy for high-frequency EPR research.

EPR Application Fields

EPR in Chemicals

Study of structures of coordination compounds, catalytic reactions, free radicals detection, reactive oxygen species (ROS) detection, chemical kinetics (reaction kinetics), and small-molecule drugs.


EPR in Environmental Science

Environmental monitoring includes air pollution(PM2.5), advanced oxidation wastewater treatment, transition metals heavy metals, environmentally persistent free radicals, etc.


EPR in Materials Science

Single-crystal defects, magnetic material properties, semiconductor conduction electrons, solar cell materials, polymer properties, fiber optic defects, catalytic material detection, etc.


EPR in Biomedical

Research about antioxidant characterization, metalloenzyme spin labeling, reactive oxygen species (ROS) and enzyme activity characterization, occupational disease protection, nuclear radiation emergency medical rescue diagnosis classification, cancer radiotherapy irradiation, etc.


EPR in Food Science

Irradiation dose of agricultural products, beer flavor shelf life, edible oil rancidity detection, alanine dosimeter, antioxidant properties of food and beverage, etc.


EPR in Industrial

Coating aging research, cosmetic free radical protection factor, diamond trap identification, tobacco filter efficacy, petrochemical free radical quality control, etc.


EPR Application Cases


Kinetic decoupling pulse experiments extend electron spin decoherence time in malonic acid single crystals  Time(μs)

Quantum Computing

Electron spins in solid-state systems are one of the important carriers of quantum bits required for quantum computing research, and pulsed electron paramagnetic resonance techniques can enable the preparation, manipulation, and readout of electron spin quantum states for the study of important problems in quantum computing. Scientists have used the optimal kinetic decoupling technique to improve the decoherence time of electron spins in solid-state systems from 0.04 μs to 30 μs in gamma-irradiated malonic acid single crystals.


Biostructure Analysis

Electron-electron double resonance technique is one of the important tools for biological structure elucidation. Using the electron spin labeling technique for specific labeling of biomolecules such as proteins and RNA, the electron-electron interaction strength is measured by the EPR (ESR) technique, which can provide information on the distance between labeled sites and thus can be used for biological structure resolution. This technique can be used to measure 1.7-8.

EPR Spectra, 3P-ESEEM spectrum of CoTPP(py)


EPR Spectra, ENDOR spectra of coal samples


DEER (Double Electron-electron Resonance) Experiment

By studying the electron-electron interactions, distance detection between paramagnetic species in close proximity to physiological reactions or chemical reaction environments can be achieved.


ENDOR (Electron Nuclear Double Resonance) Experiment

The hyperfine and nuclear quadrupole moment interactions of electrons with nuclei can be detected.


AWG Function, Combined with Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The pulse output of arbitrary waveform can be realized, and the amplitude, phase, frequency, and waveform envelope of the pulse can be modified to perform customized and complex pulse experiments.


TR-EPR (Time-resolved EPR / Transient EPR)

The combination of time-resolved techniques with paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy can be used to study transients such as free radicals or excited triplet states during fast reactions.




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